The Wade Single-Channel Yagi antennas



The 10Y7S (channel 7) is shown above




These radiation patterns are for only channel 7, but the patterns for the other channels are about the same.


The previous net gain graph showed a composite of the peak gains of all Wade single channel Yagis.  The net gains for the individual antennas are:



The ultimate antenna for VHF is a single channel Yagi.  No other type has as much gain.  But these are large antennas, and they work well for only one channel, so these are desperation antennas.  Reasonably priced single channel Yagis are available from Wade.  See Stores and websites supplying antenna equipment.  See http://www.wade-antenna.com/Wade/cutchannel.pdf on the Wade website.  CATV versions are available from Blonder Tongue.  See also Join-Tenna.






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