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Free software written by KQ6QV



1.    atlc2 Ė Arbitrary Transmission Line Calculator


This program will figure out the characteristic impedance of any transmission line.You submit a diagram of the cross-section of the line.From that, the program uses numerical methods to determine these transmission line parameters:

Zo††††††††† characteristic impedance

vf††††††††††† velocity factor

L†††††††††††† inductance per meter

C††††††††††† capacitance per meter

Rs††††††††† series resistance from the skin effect

Vo††††††††† offset voltage required for no radiation

You can use MS Paint or any similar pixel editor to create the .BMP file diagram.This program is similar to the original atlc program but is more capable and easier to use.Run atlc2 on your fastest computer.


Instructions for downloading and using atlc2



2.    Transmission Lines by KQ6QV††††† ††††††††††††††version 12/12/11

functions for EXCEL and MATHCAD EXCEL transmission line functions


Over the years I developed functions to solve transmission line problems.There are over 50 functions, configured for flexibility and easy use.I have recommended them to friends.But I used MATHCAD, and few people have MATHCAD.EXCEL is the only program most people have that will do serious math.So I prepared an EXCEL version of the same functions.You may download either version.(MATHCAD comes with a library of electrical engineering functions.But their transmission line functions are not very helpful.)


Download MATHCAD version now.†††††††††††††††††††† (file: TransmissionLines.mcd-2.0 megabyte)

Same file displayed as a web page (HTML)††††††† (file: TransmissionLines.html.This printout of the MATHCAD version is also the manual for the EXCEL version)

Download EXCEL version now††††††††††††††††††††††††††† (file: TransmissionLines.xls-†† 500 Kbyte.This is the base Excel.Transmission line projects are built by adding to it.)

Download EXCEL examples now††††††††††††††††††††††† (file: Examples.xls-700 Kbyte.These examples were built using the TransmissionLines.xls base.)


(These files may be executed directly upon download.They do not have to be saved to disk.)





EZNEC will do a frequency sweep, but its results go into a large, cumbersome file.SimData will extract the most useful data from that file and place it into a new compact file that can be loaded easily into Excel, Mathcad, or other analysis program.


Optionally, SimData will draw graphs of gain versus frequency for one or more antennas, graphs suitable for publication.


Instructions for downloading and using SimData.



4.    Kenís Weather Station


This program will fetch the data from the weather unit, display it at the computer, archive it, and optionally upload it to CWOP (the Citizens Weather Observer Program run by NOAA).I wrote this program because I donít like how other programs display the data.


The program is for the Oregon Scientific WM-918, (also known as the Radio Shack WX200),

WMR-918, WMR-928, WMR-968, and compatible units.


Instructions for downloading and using Kenís Weather Station.